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Update History of Centaurus Gate

Centaurus Gate is a scifi themed RPG based on a rebuild of WEG's Star Wars D6 game and inspired heavily by Farscape.

Here is a log of the changes and updates made to the game as development progressed.

>> 2014/07/20

  • Pulled the strange dice. Removed the non-d6 dice from risk rolling. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put them in there. Now that is gone and cleaned up, the game now only needs a brick of six-sided dice and the GM needs a set of 6 d10s.
  • Added Diligence rolls. This core mechanic allows players to use an array of abilities (must have an ability to do it) in order to create die codes for elements of the fiction the can use later. It is there to embrace the style of game I am going for, time will tell if it pans out.
  • Reworked Fallout. Fallout now directly uses character die codes to resist, and the HPTA tracks are no longer linked to die codes in return (fixed allotment). This is a major improvement to the system from the GM side, and will create a more consistent fiction during play.
  • Added rules for Stunts. See here: Stunts Mastery (taking abilities several times) now has a direct and cool mechanical effect. Much needed addition.

>> 2015/02/08

  • Streamlined ISOtech usage. Removed encoding loadout rules to simply ISOtech. Removed Maximum Encode Limit as part of this process. Still need to rework and simply the application rules.
  • Introduced Early Intelligence Data. A new tool for the GM, 100 datasheet entries on things early ETF expeditions encountered in the Expanse.

>> 2015/02/15

  • Overhaul. Removed Secondary Attributes, reworked explorer roles to adjust for this. Changed explorer creation from: pick one or two roles to: pick a gifted human (one role (not alien) and enhancements), pick a versatile human (two non-alien roles), or pick a recuited alien (one alien role, one non-alien role). Removed attribute boost choices from role type, for clarity's sake.
  • Added Primer Page. A new Primer page on the wiki quickly explains many basic concepts in the fiction, with links into the Universe pages for more data.
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