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Game Design

Here is a short index of games being designed or the design discussed on wishray wiki:

  • Halflings - This is a RPG about halflings.
  • The Game of Shadows - Dark Victorian Alternate Universe Pulp Adventure.
  • Obscurity - The rules for the offline, lite version of The Game of Shadows.
  • LiveHack - a d20 hack, where the whole world is a dungeon!
  • These are the voyages - A page for Let Us Play Old Scifi(LUPOS) RPG!
  • GTX - A Transformers Inspired RPG.
  • Consulting Detective - another collaborative design, based on perceptive detectives.
  • Karbon - Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell.
  • Resonance - A board game focused on fostering a dynamic between cooperation and competition.
  • HAT - A game using the D20 rolls of D&D, HP, and AC but with a much different design agenda.
  • Audeo - A game about daring adventure in a typical fantasy world.
  • In Media Res - A roleplaying game about cyberpunk and scifi with classic gaming ideas.
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