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Timeline of Calabria

A timeline of known events in the history of Calabria and it's world.


Circa 2000 YA - Doloreaux arrive in Calabria, possibly the first thinking species to arrive, possibly from Avami. Possibly this is speciesist propaganda.

Doloreaux enslaved for three centuries. They are freed by a hero Bruge, who rules for a long time. These legends as enumerated by a priestess Clairmunda become the basis of Lutarism.

Circa 1000 YA - Phelans arrive. Rinaldi are probably on Calabria by this time already, as are the Avoirdupois, who claim to have been first with 12 families coming over one year, and seven the next.

Phelan War With The Goblins

20 year Phelan civil war

Don Jon Rinaldi, the 10th Don, founds Triskellian. Beginning of the Age of War. Doloreaux go to war tirelessly with their neighbors to expand their territory against those they see as more advanced. They move to attack Triskellian, but are prevented from marching south by the Chevenaise.

s'Allumer Reckoning

YearEventHouse Involved
1Helloise has a vision at the death of the 14th Don of the Rinaldi, Don Rafael. She cures his son, and eventually the entire city of Triskellian, martyring herself in the process, thus founding s'Allumer. Don Constantin's mother is declared the first Arch-cardinal, and begins spreading the religion. Constantin commands that a cathedral (Cathedral de Temoin) be built on the spot of Helloise's death.Rinaldi
Circa 80The Doloreaux begin to feel pressure to join the Church of s'Allumer. They adopt written records for practical matters.Doloreaux
123Avoirdupois lords meet to discuss the Échorcheur nomad menace. They appoint Gage l’Amorce to lead their forces. Apocryphally he is lit by the light of S'allumer, and proceeds to lead the Avoirdupois forces to victory despite heavy losses. The thread eliminated, they begin to rebuild.Avoirdupois
141Gage dies.Avoirdupois
Circa 150Without Gage to lead them, he families go to war with each other. By 150 there are 11 families with armies in the field.Avoirdupois
155Paien du Boulanger, married to Gage's daughter Orane, is advised by his wise younger brother Amical to propose a formal agreement on borders and laws. The name of the agreement lead eventually to the nation that formed being named the Avoirdupois.Avoirdupois
165Amical having worked for the previous decade to gain support for Paien to be made monarch, Paien dies weeks before his coronation. After intense negotiations, Aubert du Boulanger was crowned King of the Avoirdupois.Avoirdupois
183Aubert is forced to dismiss a manipulative Amical from his council. Avoirdupois
202Aubert dies and is succeeded by his son Paien. Under Paien and his successors, the Avoirdupois expand their kingdom.Avoirdupois
221Theudebald, a reformer of ancient Anu worship culture tradition contemporary with King Paien I, dies.Avoirdupois
Circa 240End of the Age of War. Doloreaux are no longer able to keep up with Avoirdupois and Rinaldi advancements.Doloreaux and most others
263Paien III dies after a long rein of conquering other minor houses, or negotiating their vassalage, and is succeeded by his son Gan. Gan, religiously tolerant, allows penitents to build a chapel in Sauldre.Avoirdupois
330“Good King Gan” dies, leaving the throne to his sickly great-grandson Paien IV, with his uncle Childeberd as regent.Avoirdupois
Late 330sBad administration by Childeberd leads to widespread famine. Riots begin.Avoirdupois
340Childeberd is stabbed to death by one of his own guards, and is succeeded as regent by Gurlan de Marteau. Gurlan executes corrupt nobles and gives patents of nobility to individuals to replace rebellious lords. The papers of the patents become known as “Leaves” and thus the civil war that follows is referred to as The War of Leaves.Avoirdupois
345Paien IV takes rule officially, but Gurlan continues to be his most important advisor.Avoirdupois
347Gurlan assassinated.Avoirdupois
349Paien, influenced by Itta d'Enclume, reconciles with the nobility, ending The War of the Leaves.Avoirdupois
359Penitent's chapels closed by decreeAvoirdupois
364s'Allumer ordination illegalAvoirdupois
373King Evrouin dies, succeeded by Evrouin II, but the Priests of Anu maintain controlAvoirdupois
379Arkbites massacre penitents at Fermerouge. Precipitates war that results in Evroin II being assassinated. Duke Ètiene du Sabot assumes power, and marches on Triskellion, besieging it, disastrously. Etiene is eventually forced to swear fealty to the Rinaldi becoming but an Archduke, and has to foreswear the worship of Anu and take up the s'Allumer faith.Avoirdupois
Circa 385The Bianfáel tribe of the Phelan is recognized, and begins expansion into other areas.Bisclavret
390“Iconoclast” movement starts, persecuting priests of Anu and Akarbites, and destroying temples.Avoirdupois
395Ètiene issues the Edict of Toleration, granting Heliodromes protection.Avoirdupois
402Archduke Étienne dies. Church of s'Allumer prospers under successors.Avoirdupois
450Council of Archbishops in Triskellion sets out official doctrine. Constantine of Triskellian made first Pontiff.All
451Bohémond du Sauldre succedes Constantine as Pontiff.All
478Bohémond diesAll
515Don Renaldi permits the minter's guild to mint coins. No longer is this the sole purview of the Rinaldi house.Rindaldi
Circa 580 - 690A charismatic Bianfáel chieftain named Gaisce Mac Roth adopts feudalism and a desire to modernize. He adopts coinage, removes the druids from their lands, and begins to attack other houses. Gaisce dies and is succeeded by his son Slaine, who continued his fathers plans. Slaine dies and is succeeded by Riddock Déanamh-Gaisce. Riddock ends the Tuath na Bianfáel, and establishes himself as King Riddock, Lord of the Western Wood, and his bloodline to be known as the Bisclavret (Charte du Bisclavret). They attack Rinaldi holdings and the Rinaldi go to war with them, but are defeated. Don Fabroni is forced to sue for peace, and recognizes the Bisclavret as a Great House. Riddock adopts s'Allumer, and bans druidism further. Druids go underground becoming bards. Riddock rules for ten years and is succeeded by his son Raldred, who continues expansion to where the borders are today. Bisclavret
708Founding of Harrowgate. This event is the beginning of Bisclavret literary tradition. Bisclavret
722Harbin du Marteau, cousin of Duke Ombragé du Marteau dies creating an inheritance issue. This results in Ombragé creating a group of subversives against the church.Avoirdupois
749Ombragé du Marteau caught and executed, but his followers carry on as the Éteignoirs.Avoirdupois
Circa 842Duke Leal de Doloreaux attempts to “pacify” the Chevernaise of Chevernaise Pass in spectacularly unsuccessful fashion. Since then the Doloreaux see the Chevernaise as evil, and there are no relations.Doloreaux
848- 878Duke Tremaine du Bisclavret reigns, implementing a new round of modernization. Lowers taxes in Bisclavret ports, which attracts shipping away from Triskellian, but also attracts criminal elements (crack-downs late in his reign were somewhat successful, but criminals remain in the port cities). Bisclavret
878Tremaine dies, and his 9 year old son Mausein inherits. Lord Castellan Thainistear rules as regent (and there is speculation he will not step aside when it is time for Mausein to ascend). Bisclavret
882Currrent Day - Rinaldi Heir goes missingRinaldi
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