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A Zandir Seer from Zanth originally.

Skills and Abilities

Persuade d9 (21), Violence d11 (10), Perspicacity d11 (10), Hardiness d13 (3), Subterfuge d11 (10), Magic d9 (21)

Descriptors: Seduce, Legerdemain, Rituals, Charms, Zandir Swordsman, Haggle

Wherewithal: 2


Major Motive: Discover Secrets He's Not Allowed to Know

Minor Motive: Meet People


Below is a list of Rites that Afazan has been shown to know how to perform (in the order revealed):

Rolrin's Blessing of Taking Firm Root

Usually used to ensure planting (typically gardening sort, the effect isn't widespread enough to benefit grain fields) goes well and results in hearty vegetables, it also happens to root Mandragores pretty effectively.

Summon Fae of the Dentition Tribe

Used by Afazan to perform extraction of bad teeth (usually for a reasonable charge).


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