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This is a game about hot-blooded and highly-trained agents. You take on the role of these people, imagining you are caught in the web of a mind game from which there is little chance of escape. It takes place in the world of tomorrow, where data is just as important as cash, and people have left the ruined earth for the stars.

Karbons are on the loose, superhuman creations that look like us and are extremely dangerous. You will play the role of an agent within a secret organization know as the program hunting these things down. The catch is they have infiltrated your organization, and your agent could be a Karbon themselves. As the lies compound, how will you be able to discern the truth?

Paradox is the latest attempt to create a viable system for Karbon.


  • Roles: Roles assumed by players in the game.
  • Steps: The basic game action mechanism, the smallest steps of action.
  • Duties: Each Duty is a set of abilities for Agents in the game, not unlike a job..
  • Cool: The central moving part of the game, the currency of play.
  • Contention: Navigating the information of the game, data without universal agreement has Contention.

Getting Started:

  1. Agents: Methods for defining Agents in the game.
  2. Profiles: Methods for defining Profiles in the game.
  3. Devices: Methods for defining Devices in the game.


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