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Let Us Play Old Scifi (LUPOS)

This is an initiative, a dream, where we can all get together and imagine a cool scifi universe like you'd find in the serials of old. There were many movies that suggested such a fictional universe, the most prominent of which is Star Trek, but other examples exist in number, such as Forbidden Planet. The idea here is not to wow your mind with amazing science and explore those consequences, but to instead hop on a wagon train to the stars. In essence, playing a game in which the people have rediscovered a state not unlike the wild west of the USA. There are frontier settlements wrapped in the darkness and unknown dangers of space, there are aliens lurking about at every turn, and nature can be a cruel and harsh foe. So, strap on your laser pistol and grab your sensor bar, and lets see whats out there!

Inspirations: Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Forbidden Planet, The Black Hole, Lost in Space, and so on.

These are the Voyages

These are the Voyages is a roleplaying game set in the LUPOS universe for three to five players. It is also the first game to bridge this database into something meaningful. In this game, you take on the role of officers and crew of an Earth fleet vessel, exploring the frontier of space. It can't get more exciting than that! The system is designed to reward and encourage team play, and let the player's creativity act as a whole and determine new wonders of the universe. The intent here is that the database of LUPOS is just a starting point, a suggestion, for your version of the universe.

LUPOS Database, Mark I

This database is a general store of fictional knowledge about such a universe as you might like to play within a LUPOS game. It has many vague aspects, many things are given generalized capacity numbers instead of specific values. This is intended to allow you to set the feel of your game as you like and still let the database function in a meaningful way, as you can compare and contrast capacity scores of various ships and so on. There is an index of the database here: index, or you can track the backlinks to this page above.

Sublight Run

The tactical companion to These are the Voyages above, Sublight Run is a starship fleet action battle game played on a hex grid. It interlocks with the roleplaying game to allow ship maneuvers to be made in the game, but can stand alone as a board game.


In the LUPOS universe, not everyone is an officer in Earth Fleet. Tell your other fantastic tales of scifi goodness using this more robust and open-minded game known simply as: Frequencies.

Unanswered Questions

Details that are unanswered currently can be found on the Questions page.

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