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The Moon - Nowhere to Hide

The lunar part of the Dark Conspiracy: A Midwestern Moon campaign, and it's earthbound continuation after Devlin and Byrd have fled the moon.

There is a battle for control of the moon. By whom and why? And can our heroes find their way out of the conflict alive? And will they be safe on Earth?

Player Characters

Corporate Asset #24601 "Mr Byrd" (Nate)

An operative for a corporation known as NSA, which are enemies of TojiCorp.

Character sheet for 24601

Devlin (Lxndr)

Escaped alien abductee, trained neuropath. Used to do covert ops for the aliens, now on the run.

Character sheet for Devlin


TysonCorp chicken sexer, assigned to look into the unusual goings on in Alton, MO:

Character sheet for Madrin

Adrian's Character

Escaped cyborg, seeks to deliver any in bondage to freedom. The logic is not quite human, however, so the results aren't always what one would expect.

Shreyas' Character

A grower who wants to keep to himself.

Non-Player Characters

Click here for a listing of the NPCs for this segment of the campaign.

AP Notes

The story of the disappearance of Devlin and Kin.

A Disturbing Video.

Computer Files found on Scott Allen's computer.

The strange case of Billy Ray Spivey.

Alton Doom clock - 2/5

Earth-side Summary of events through summer of 2016.

Visual References

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