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Getting Started

Welcome to the Wishray wiki, a place to share and collaborate for wishray users. if you aren't a wishray user, you can read here but not edit.

Once you have access, you can read all about the formatting here: syntax.

The Master Index

All the wiki pages can be indexed here, based on the proper project name or user id.


These are current projects on Wishray (Web). Users should ask before adding a link here.

  • Lockdown 2020:
  • - FabIO - Software design for the FabIO Discord bot.
  • - Unicron - Documentation for the Unicron Discord Bot.
  • - VerySimpleSix - JPs hacked up simple game system.
  • - SimpleSix - JP's re-implemented Star Wars D6.
  • - Sci-Fi Setting Project - group forging of a sci-fi space adventure world
  • Older:
  • - Project Zero - A community software client for all of wishray projects.
  • - Fabricated - A Roleplaying Game about Perfectly Ordinary People.
  • - Brimstone - A Roleplaying Game about rising out of the ashes of a ruined world where Wonder and Glory have returned.
  • - Chronica Insidea - Mike Holmes' game engine for his Dark Conspiracy game.


A directory of all wiki content. If you can't reach a page from here, you are doing something wrong. In other words, if you start a new project, namespace, or page, it should be found somewhere under here.

  • Game Play - Game data for online play of the designs above, mostly for testing.
  • Game Design - A collection of game designs in progress, or game design discussed.
  • Unsorted Stuff - Pages for things not directly connected to game design or play.
  • Unfinished Stuff - Pages for projects that are idle and unfinished.
  • Technology - Software written by and supported by wishray.com.

Established Users

Users may create pages for themselves and their personal use here.

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