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Unfinished Stuff

All of these are dormant projects in an unfinished state.

  • Battle High! - A lightweight Roleplaying game about the story of star spangled heroes discovering their destiny in a high school ruled by a zealot warrior.
  • Centaurus Gate - A Roleplaying Game with scifi theme using a rebuild of WEG's Star Wars D6 inspired heavily by Farscape.
  • Jump Space Saga - A cooperative Board Game about a daring crew lost in space because of a Jump Drive failure, desperately seeking the way home.
  • Moira - A miniature battle war-game about demons invading a high-fantasy world.
  • Audeo - A Roleplaying Game about daring adventure in the classic dungeon exploring style.
  • Paradox - (see Karbon) A Roleplaying Game about people trapped in a mad world of tomorrow facing an impossible dilemma. They face unsolvable puzzles, insane danger, and madness in the course of their work, hunting down Karbons.
  • Obscurity - A tabletop or face-to-face system for playing The Game of Shadows.
  • Wire - A feature-rich client to server, portable, C#/Mono/IronPython online gaming client with full powerful scripting.
  • SystemONE - A traditional style gaming system, the one that backs Northern Lights.
  • SystemTWO - A modern style gaming system, the one that backs Paradox.
  • System1/2 - A lightweight version of SystemTWO for pickup gaming and one-shots.
  • Specter - A Roleplaying Game about people surviving in a ruined universe of the far future.
  • Snatched - A Roleplaying Game of unlikely heroes dealing with an invasion of body snatchers.
  • ./FSCK-US - A Roleplaying Game about paranormal investigation using the SCP-Wiki.
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