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Playlist - Music and sounds for the apocalypse



Non-Player Characters

The Show Gear - gear held in common by the crew of The Show

Setting Notes

Possible Interests

  • The Peninsula Guard's Deathbot
  • Dowin's Dome
  • Skybranch's Tower
  • The Kreal Colony near Stonefield
  • Return to Khovip's Mine at Digtown to see how Lallana is doing
  • The giant wandering behemoth
  • The City Ruins
  • Meet Doc Potamus (through Alitec)
  • Investigate Fort Chopshop, home of the Motorheads
  • Visit the Hellrazor Fort, perhaps to do some pit fighting
  • Find the Wastelander village (supposedly hard to get to)
  • Return to Ilirha's Base for more looting and/or investigation
  • Take a closer look at the Ancient Observatory Ruin that the skow flew over on the way to catch Ilirha
  • Visit the various Meadow Folk villages
  • Find the camp of the Painted Women

Known General Geography

Cryptic Alliances

Sights of the Lands

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