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Ship and Expedition

Centaurus Gate is a science fiction theme RPG based on a rebuild of WestEnd Game's Star Wars D6 RPG. While it is primarily inspired by Farscape, it also draws on many concepts presented in other shows such as Stargate. Blast off into a Science Adventure!

The details of the ship and expedition are handled by the Exec exclusively, and they have direct control over each.


The journey into Expanse is taken on a singular Starship. This is an ISOtech wonder with amazing power, but as with all ISOtech, limited resources. All ships sent out by the ETF are corvette type. This means they are small enough to be handled by just a small crew, but large enough to last for years out in the Expanse without needing resupply.

Create the three possible ships using the Random Ship Construction Kit, then let the players each vote for one and hopefully you'll have a winner. Ultimately a ship for the expedition is created here. The names of all ships headed out into the Expanse are from American cities, and here is a list: ETF Corvette Names.


The player's characters are all Crew on an Expedition into the expanse for a specific purpose. In order to get the ball moving the Exec needs to figure out the nature of the Expedition for their game. This can range from a vague simple concept to something detailed and very specific. The Exec needs to respect the input of the players here, you all need to be playing something you find interesting. The simplest way to handle this is to toss out ideas to the players and see what sticks, brainstorm an idea for the expedition that works.

  1. Discuss with the players the basic idea that drives their their expedition. Write up Mission Parameters for the Expedition based on that basic idea. You will show the summaries to the players, but keep the exact details of each to themselves. This builds a little network of ideas to keep play moving.
  2. Finally you'll need a Fulcrum for the game. This is just a singular concept to explore over the course of the Expedition. It must be a short statement that is visible to the players.

In regards to the crew, the group must have all the primary roles covered at the start of play (losing them during play is something that is addressed specifically by the Exec and doesn't matter now). This is, in specific, a character (or characters) with Leadership and Engineering roles. You can have duplicates of these, but at least one of each in the crew at start. If possible you also want the secondary roles as well: Medical and Science. Aliens and Security roles are optional, and not required for play. If the players are missing any secondary roles the Exec will create additional crew (non-player characters) that will fill them.

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