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Mike Holmes

A somewhat ok guy, and runs a mean game of HQ and Chronica Feudalis.

RPG Designs

  • Halflings - a RPG about little furry footed folk, and their food-filled fun.
  • LiveHack - everybody else is doing it, so why not! In LiveHack, there whole world is nothing but one endless dungeon… or is it?
  • Byzantine - what is your character's place amongst the teeming masses of the Great City? Where are they going? What will they discover on the way?
  • Overheard at the Black Boar - A design that prompts players to create the world of play to develop their characters.
  • Overheard at the Tavern - A design that prompts players to create the world of play to develop their characters.
  • Underworld - a Dungeon World hack.
  • Wild Lands - A Dungeon World supplement.
  • Dungeons of Dangers - module adventure game.
  • Caravan - a media-driven RPG.
  • IRC Burst Play - a simple set of rules designed for short bursts of IRC play.
  • Brazen Epoch - risky adventures in a fantastic world.
  • Waking Cities - technician citizens aboard walking cities try to appease the ruling elite, but risk ending the world to do so.
  • The Will to Power - fight or persuade, you have to pick one or the other on your way to power.
  • Gear - a game about getting powerful with stuff that's more subtle than it sounds.
  • D&D Refined - Mike's version of D&D
  • Panorama - art-driven play of adventurous envoys across a fantastic world
  • Speed Dungeon - or how to get through a dungeon map in short order.
  • SD2 - another take on Speed Dungeon.
  • Fair Play - another take at a media-driven game that revolves around world-building.

RPG Play


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